SandScript - An Abandoned JavaScript VSDoc Reflector

SandScript was an attempt to create VSDoc based JavaScript documentation with Sandcastle. It has been abandoned, but the source code will remain online.

There are two main reasons the project was abandoned:
  1. The writing has been on the wall for VSDoc in JavaScript for some time. Microsoft's embracing of JSDoc within TypeScript says it all really. If you want your JavaScript API documented, I'd encourage you to follow their lead.
  2. The scope of VSDoc changed in VS2012, allowing for commenting anywhere (i.e. local variables) not just inside functions. This means they aren't available to JavaScript at runtime (via Function.prototype.toString) and therefore not available to SandScript either without a complete rewrite.

As stated above, the source code will remain for anyone who is interested.

Original Description

For posterity, below is the original project description and roadmap:

SandScript is an open source JavaScript reflector and documentation tool. It aims to assist in building Sandcastle API reference guides from generic JavaScript libraries documented with Visual Studio VSDoc comments.

SandScript differentiates itself from AjaxDoc in that it will work with any JavaScript libraries, not just those built up using Microsoft's AJAX framework. Also SandScript will not require a web server, and there will be next to no configuration to get started.


0.1 - JavaScript reflector and documentation scraper - done
0.2 - HTML context builder and reflection extraction from PhantomJS - done
0.3 - Reflection to XML conversion - in progress
0.4 - SHFB plugin
0.5 - SandScript installer
0.6 - Test and refactor
0.7 - SandScript documentation
1.0 - Release

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